Soils Saviors

Soils Saviors

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“Earthworms are found in the class Oligochaeta, phylum Annelida and are a tube-shaped, segmented worm. They are commonly found living in soil and feed on dead organic matter. Their digestive system runs through the length of their body and they conduct respiration through their skin……..” Click here to View Post


Earthworms play a very significant role in the nourishment of soil. They are responsible for making the soil suitable enough to grow healthy plants to provide us food. They increase the amount of air flow and water flow through/into the soil. They are able to break down dead organic matter such as leaves and grass so plants can use. When they eat, they leave behind things that are very valuable to the soil (Example; casting is a valuable type of fertilizer that’s felt behind). They also participate in turning the soil, which is bringing organic matter from the top down to mix in with the soil below. So they are great fertilizer, the more worm in your soil, the more casting that’s left behind and the better your soil is. Having worms around in your garden is a really good sign that you have a healthy soil.

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