Progress Update #3

Progress Update #3

April 1st, 2018

3 PM

The bystander trials began today. Using two pairs of fish six trials were completed. Male #2 and Male #4 were placed into experiment side A with the mirror, in each pair, these two fish were the focus of counting gill flares and tail beats in each five-minute trial. During the trial with Male #2 and #3, there was a lot of interaction between the two fish as well as the interaction that Male #2 had with the mirror. Male #3 interacted with Male #2 as well by gill flaring, tail beating, fin spreading, and attempting to bite the divider. Male #4 was more interactive with the mirror than Male #5 who was in experiment side B. Male #5 did not display any aggressive behaviors. He approached the divider and watched Male #4 a couple of times but remained on the far side of the tank for the majority of the time. After the trials were completed all fish bowls and the experiment tank were cleaned.

“Male #2 and Male #3 bystander trial” by H. Schofield (CC by 2.0)

Today’s Trials: The Beginning of the Bystanders 

Trial # Experiment Side A Experiment Side B Gill Flares Tail Beats
1 Male #2 Male #3 31 5
2 Male #2 Male #3 35 10
3 Male #2 Male #3 37 5
    Average: 34.33 6.66
1 Male #4 Male #5 14 1
2 Male #4 Male #5 21 2
3 Male #4 Male #5 16 1
    Average: 17 1.33


Table 1: Bystander trials. Experiment side A  contained a mirror, there was a clear divider between the two sides. Trials were each five minutes in length. 


Photo by me

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