Cricket Behavior

Cricket Behavior

Crickets Observation


  • Plastic container with a cover punctured with holes 
  • Small paper cup
  • Sand
  • Dry dog food
  • Carrots
  • Water
  • 8 Crickets

The Crickets were placed in the plastic container with damp sand, carrots on one side and dry dog food on the other side. The small paper cup was placed in the center of the container and was used to make a house for the crickets. I observe the crickets for a week in my living room. My living room is very warm and ranges from 70-80 C. I spend most of my time in the living room so I was able to observe the crickets frequently. I observe them the most around 5am, 11am, 4pm and 10pm. During these times, I notice the crickets interacting with each other, eating, chirping, resting, hiding, grooming, jumping, walking and scratching at the container. The crickets would typically jump every time I approach them unexpectedly, they would scratch at the container, every time I was doing an activity close by them, they would chirp mostly at night or when the room was fairly dark. I also notice two unusual activity, when I was walking home with the crickets in the cold, they all stop moving and appeared dead at first. And when one of the smallest crickets died the 5th day, I notice that there were 2 holes dug, even though I didn’t see this act of digging, the cricket that had died was inside one of the holes and when I came back a few hours later, the hole with the dead cricket was cover as if they buried it. 





Interacting with each other They would jump or climb over each other
Eating They would pick at the carrots or dog food
Chirping They would make sounds when it was dark or really quite
Resting They would remain still
Hiding They would go inside of their house and stay there when approached suddenly
Grooming They used they front legs to typically scratch their head
Jumping They would move upward when approached suddenly
Walking They would move around the container
Scratching They would use their front legs to make rapid movement on the walls of the container
Digging They would use their front legs to separate the sand to make a hole



  1. Why did the crickets appear dead in the cold?
  2. Why did the crickets dig holes?


  1. The crickets appear dead in the cold to maintained body temperature
  2. The crickets dig holes to bury thing or stay safe 


  1. If the crickets appear dead, then they must be cold 
  2. If the crickets dig holes, then they are burying something



photo by me


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