About me


I am a senior biology student at Keene State College. My goal is to become a Physician Assitant. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to go into the medical field and specializes in childbirth. When I first started KSC, I wanted to become a gynecologist, but at the end of sophomore year, my plan changed. At the end of sophomore year, I became more focus on my future. I wanted to start my career right away and going to physician assistant school while specializing in gynecologist gave me that opportunity. Plus, it’s two years and cheaper than medical school. Currently, I am working on getting my CNA license to make my resume more competitive. After graduating with a bachelor in biology B.S. in 2018, I plan on working as a CNA until the end of 2018 and starting PA school in January of 2019. I am also currently working on taking my GRE in December and will start applying to schools soon after that.